Healing Past Trauma

Our unhealed trauma tends to call forth the unhealed trauma in others and bring it towards us. Like a beacon, invisible but felt, it calls out to be noticed and released.

We often wonder why a repeated pattern will emerge boisterously in our lives, again and again, why we feel the same pain or seem to attract things we don’t want.

The answer is not only in our mental decisions to abate certain behavior or thinking. It also relies on our energetically releasing the trauma from our energy bodies.

The root pattern can be created early in our current life or in another life, connecting our realities and tethering us to the same pain, signaling to others that we are hurt.

Those would-be perpetrators or other victims of the same trauma are then drawn to us, often unconsciously.

Our energy bodies, still changed by the event, unhealed, need our attention and focus, our gentleness and love.

Seeing where this pattern was seeded and healing it will remove the energetic binding for all beings involved, and we can begin to ease into new feelings of safety. The triggers will seem to become less sharp, us less effected, until they don’t bother us at all.

Doing this can be tricky, especially where we have trauma in our first and second chakras. Those connect us to our sense of security, well-being and joy, and when we are hurt, it feels impossible to feel safe. We keep reliving the traumatic event on some level, remaining stuck in a perpetual stress response.

An effective practice we can do on our own would be to identify the event in our meditation and change it in our scope of vision, observing where in our body the trauma is stored.

Creative imagination has been shown to be effective in altering one’s reality by altering one’s perception of that reality. If we change our perception of the past, the way the story played out, we change the way our body responds to it because as far as our energetic field is concerned, it becomes a non-event.

We can then see the original ending like another story, the pain charge removed. We can then relate to the new version as the real version for the purpose of releasing the pain completely and for liberating all involved into a new reality.

Your mind may offer you information on the source of the root event even if it was from a different life.

Because linear time as we know it is perceived as a “now” moment by our subconscious mind and body, and because your system wants to recover, it will present to you the experience if you can relax and focus long enough to receive it.

Once the mind is aligned with the intention of healing, and the source of the trauma unearthed, our centers will identify what center or centers were effected.

Simply placing focus there and sending love can heal it and reshape it back to normal. Your body knows what to do and what the original blue-print for it is because it is built in, and your system wants to recover to its natural state.

Trust that it has done this and choose to notice how differently you feel, how different your reactions and perceptions become.

If there is more to do, your body will tell you, but if you willingly go into this space and commit to renewal, you will receive it.


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