Learning to Trust Yourself

I sat on a video call, my hair sticking up wildly, looking at a woman who seemed unfathomably familiar.  I was meeting her for the first time – she was doing an energy clearing for me – a gifted session from a dear friend.

Her process was remarkably similar to mine, and we chatted for a while afterwards. I shared with her about something that happened in one of my sessions. A term I don’t normally use kept repeating itself in my head: Soul Retrieval.

I asked her about it. Whether what had happened during the session was that. 

She paused and said something like this:

You don’t need anyone to tell you what’s happening. You just have to trust. And yes it sounds like soul retrieval, but the terminology doesn’t matter. Just go with it. 

No matter where we are on the journey, we have doubts. “Am I doing this right?”, “is my ‘gut’ really saying that?”

We all get our intuitive hits differently. We see things how we see them. But the point is to accept yourself. How you function is how you function. How you listen and hear is how you listen and hear. 

Trust that and start going with the flow of what that feels like. 

Does “yes, do that” feel like tingling all over? Or is it more focused in a place in your body? Is “NO!” Very palpable or just a shimmer of a feeling? Just notice. And start to honor that. 

The body is always connected to the subconscious, to the “field”, and it’s always giving you feedback. Whether we dominate it and let the mind take over or not is up to us. 

In my experience, the body can be very clear or simply, stubbornly a “no” to something.

It doesn’t understand time. It may be responding to something you can’t even imagine happening yet, but the body knows  

Begin to note what and how it says that to you. 

Begin to trust more the hunches you get. 

Don’t be scared of it. 

And I know it can be scary. It can feel like we’re this tiny thing in this HUGE ocean when we begin to open ourselves up. That can be overwhelming.

But consider this:

You’ve been here and have done this many many times. You know the field full well because you go back there every time. Between lives and while you sleep and rest. In your meditation. You know it already. 

So simply begin opening up little by little while physically conscious, and you’ll find yourself trusting more, getting more, having amazing results in your daily life. 

And that’s the point of the earthly soul academy. To learn to ground this magic into the physical. 

Love you. You got this.


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