Stepping Into Authentic Expression

The identification with an aggressive personality as the self is an ideological issue as well as a physiological one. Aggression is an aspect that can be used in times of danger.

As a way of being, however, it is a danger to ourselves.

Its persistence can be tracked to illnesses and toxificity as well as to conditioning and the persistent domination of that energy over other states of awareness that also exist within us.

Control mechanisms are never designed to even benefit those attempting to enforce them, so the prison guards become hostages themselves, with the individual only living to the extension of the rope they chose to wear, rather than subjecting themselves to the rigorous self-work required to go beyond these ideologies, to discover the peaceful contentment that is within us all.

This state requires nothing. It needs no-one. It is content. 

When the energy of exploration moves naturally, it moves uninhibited by outside forces in a simple system. In a complex system, outside forces, structures, opinions and beliefs wish to guide us towards one form of expression or another.

Once we become cognizant of these forces, they become intolerable, and the desire for self-expression becomes a form of rebellion, because the dictates of the “outside”, become a burden to self-expression when constantly asserting itself upon the individual.

True self-expression, as a guided form, is not true self-expression. It is a forced outside impediment to the natural development and craftsmanship of the human.

It is the rubber band of control: shrink the expression so that its radical side wishes to emerge. Then control that. It is simple and observable in our society, where natural forms of personal growth are constantly contained and manipulated, like bonsai trees - lovely but wrapped in metal wire and extremely delicate. 

No wonder so many are so unhappy. 

The bigger problem is that we are first subjected to the structures, to the confusion and then berate those who refuse to stay in the confusion, who tear off the crumbling wire, even at the cost of losing some limbs. 

The one who sees and walks away is laughed at, scorned and attacked, simply for a different choice. The truth is the others want the same thing in their own way. They want to feel the radical freedom of choosing simply because their body, finally awakening, wishes to choose, perhaps for the first true time.

Do we remember really choosing?

The fear of this state is worthy of empathy. The realm of contentment does not understand this at all. It is as alien as illness. Communication from this state also becomes confounding, as it feels as though one is operating from a different place altogether.

The idea of forcing an opinion on another seems illogical, and for one who feels another’s pain, the desire to help them heal takes precedence over all else, understanding that all coercion is a function of past coercion and pain.

Once they are better, will they stand in the same choice or simply learn to live their own lives with contentment?

Free choice. Free will.

We cannot criticize others for this behavior, as we have done so ourselves. We can simply heal and help others do the same, if that is their wish. 

Groupthink is a strange phenomena that one would hope to outgrow. The best teachers wish to become irrelevant eventually. They wish us to grow past them, to show them further down the road. Our icons need to be surpassed, not to prove a point, but because we advance, and as we advance, old beliefs and structures can no longer support the expansion. 

The primordial soup contains the potential for all things.

A being must understand that they will encounter many different states of awareness and be able to adjust to that, grounding into simplicity and kind curiosity about the condition of those we interact with.

Who they are in response will be led by their own conditioning and ability to focus. 

Fear is inconclusive at best and completely unnecessary generally; in moments that require immediate response, a part of our mind shuts down, and we simply pull the child out of the road. Fear is in the anticipation, which takes us out of the present moment, so it is a state that attacks itself via anticipatory anxiety.

When we are fully present, the body responds honestly, and that honesty must be honored. 

Truth is simple, even in a complex world.

We are here to experience, to learn, to love, and yet the world has become a ball of terrors, giving people little breathing room to simply exist in a state of calm. 

Past all the conditions and ideologies, exists a simplicity that requires nothing. Perhaps the issue is that most are still seeking something outside themselves and not the calm that only arises when the grasping stops. 

In that state, they will never find it, or will grasp at temporary salves because they are in such need of repair themselves, hoping the next pill will help. It is the acknowledgement of this that begins the healing process.

The aspect of the mind that attacks another is just an aspect of an unhealed self. A trapped, lost, confused, insecure part of ourselves that desperately wants to be seen, understood and held. To remind another of their greatness is a gift. To share an opportunity for the allowing of an opening heart, the great healer, transmuter and magnifier of all that is wonderful in the world, is a rare gift. 

We begin with ourselves - by giving ourselves the right to choose what feels correct over what no longer works. This unyielding presence for our own autonomy is what allows others to do the same for themselves. To simply exist, to be as you are, is beautiful. 

Holding space for others to find that same beauty in their own experience, so that they can eventually be able to be with themselves and all the darkness that has collected in their minds over their lives, and to face that, is a humbling opportunity. 


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