Using a Glass Sphere for Self Healing

Once upon a time I got a beautiful azure glass ball. They were once used in Japanese fishing boat nets; connecting around it on the outside, they kept the nets floating. One day I cut off the old netting and placed the clean glass of it on my belly when feeling tension there.

It fit perfectly into my palm – I’d often use it as a thinking aid.
Directing my attention lightly, I simply asked to shift the tension out of my body and into the ball; within just a few seconds, the tension was gone.

I felt new tension in another part of my chest, and placed the ball there, chasing the uneasy feeling as it moved, until all the places were calm. It felt palpably different and very quickly.

Self healing can be tricky – identifying root causes isn’t always easy for oneself, but the body feels what it feels, so noticing pain is quite simple.

If you use an energy modality on yourself already, if you already place your hands on your heart, etc., you may still want something additional when it’s hard to shift the stuck energy or if you’re feeling anxious and can’t get clear.

An outside object – that sphere – proved to be quickly beneficial.

All it takes is your positive intention to heal and to move the ball to where it wants to go next – to where the tension may arise in the next moment.

Other Materials

Each material has a specific ability, and while I imagine using crystal or stone would be just as great, something about the hollowness of the glass sphere seems to fit the intention of removing and clearing very well.

It is hollow, so it will quickly draw to itself what you wish to release; for this same reason, it is also easier to clean between sessions than denser materials, which tend to need longer cleaning times.


You can clear the ball afterwards in any number of ways.

Setting your thoughts to it, and seeing the dense energy become light or gold, etc. can do the trick. You can use whatever method you prefer to clear.

Washing it may work, sealing it with reiki symbols or simply knowing that the energy was transmuted will all work, depending on your intention.


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